Sunday, July 19, 2009

Socialized medicine

Ted Kennedy's socialized medicine bill includes provisions to exempt members of congress from socialized medicine. Our hero of the Chappaquiddick wasn't drunk again; he just knows the truth about socialized medicine.

Teddy may want access to new drugs. In socialist England, government cut costs by limiting access to new prescription drugs. Many drugs widely available here are unavailable in socialist Europe.

Teddy doesn't want to wait to see a doctor. In England the average wait is 8.6 months. You can die waiting your turn. Breast and prostate cancer have a 10-34 percent higher survival rate in the United States than in Europe. Waiting lines may be a factor.

Teddy wants a clean hospital. In England, they have an increased rate of antibiotic-resistant staph infections because government cut costs in the area of sanitization.

We can visit our crumbling, outdated and poorly staffed VA hospitals to see why congress doesn't want to participate in socialized medicine. According to an American Legion survey, vets waited an average of seven months for a first appointment at a VA hospital. ABC News reported allegations of patients having to beg for food, amputations because of poor care, and doctors repeatedly losing test results.

Congress also doesn't want its "employer paid" benefit replaced with an additional tax of 10-20 percent (or more) of their earnings. This would be enough to put the American Dream out of reach for most Americans.

Socialized medicine won't be optional for you. Most employers will unload their health insurance expenses on the government. The rest (except Congress) will join once the government bankrupts the health insurance industry. Under "Hillary Care" you would have faced criminal charges for taking your own money and seeking medical care outside of the system, even to save your life.

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