Monday, July 27, 2009

Iris QA Announces New Nuclear Medicine (NM) Tool Kit for Nuclear Medicine Imaging Systems

IRIS QA, LLC, a leader in the development of software based analysis tools for the CT, MR and NM imaging systems, announces the launch of a new Nuclear Medicine (NM) Took Kit application which provides a simple windows based interface that supports DICOM 3.0 image data.

A single page report is generated for each analysis which contains information about the following: the site, imaging system, data acquisition parameters, test results along with a thumbnail image of the processed data.

The processing tools for the following NEMA tests are included: Intrinsic spatial resolution, Intrinsic spatial linearity, Multiple window spatial registration, System spatial resolution with scatter, System spatial resolution without scatter, SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution without scatter and SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution with scatter.

Additional SPECT analysis tools are available for the SpecphanTM QC phantom. This package can be used as a companion product with IRIS QA's CT AutoQA Lite package for providing a comprehensive analysis for CT and SPECT/CT imaging systems.

The initial release of the CT tool took place in the late 1980's as PC/AutoQA (The Iris, Inc.), which was the first automated QA program commercially available for CT.

IRIS QA'a research and development team of senior scientists are constantly working to stay at the forefront of QA/QC testing to provide medical facilities the best software and services available.

Services include Acceptance testing and annual systems testing to fulfill ACR accreditation requirement for CT, MR and NM imaging equipment as well as support to sites applying for ACR accreditation or re-accreditation by collecting the phantom data and completing the annual system report.

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