Friday, July 3, 2009

Plant based medicine works differently than conventional drugs

Plant-based medicine works differently than conventional drugs and vaccines. It works diffusely and slowly and often in combination with lifestyle choices and other remedies. Herbs such as goldenseal, for example, are difficult to study in a laboratory because their action is not direct the way an antibiotic directly affects a bacterial infection. The herb acts in concert with the body's natural defenses.

Many people forget that hundreds of 'medicines' originated with so-called 'quack herbal medicines' as critics call them. Aspirin originally derived from willow bark - and willow was an herbalist's treatment for headaches and pain for hundreds of years before Bayer patented aspirin powder and tablets in the early 20th century. Morphine and narcotics are derived from the poppy. Digitalis, an important drug in the treatment of heart malfunctions, comes from the foxglove plant. Scientists work tirelessly to study plants and animals throughout the world to uncover benefits that may be turned into cures.

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