Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Jackson died of lethal levels of potent medicines, drugs'

The leaked toxicology report of Michael Jackson claims that the pop star had lethal levels of potent painkillers and drugs in his body at the time of his death, triggering suspicion that it may be a case of homicide.
Jackson was on a diet of deadly cocktail potent enough to have killed a normal person instantly but his body had developed a tolerance due to the longtime use of huge doses, the British newspaper Sun claimed quoting the findings of his preliminary toxicology reports.
Apart from high levels of Demerol, a strong painkiller and heroin substitute Methadone, Jackson's blood tests found high doses of antianxiety drug Xanax, according to the leaked toxicology report submitted to the Los Angeles county coroner's office, the paper said.
Lower levels of powerful anaesthetic drug Propofol was also present in Jackson's body. The medicine is used for surgical operations but according to Jackson's close aides, the pop star, who suffered from insomnia, used the medicine as a sleeping pill.
Another medicine, Dilaudid, which is normally used to numb post-surgery pain was also found in Jackson's body.
Jackson died after collapsing on June 25 just weeks before making his comeback in London and reports have linked his sudden death to the long abuse of prescription drugs.
Coroner's office is yet to release the toxicology report, which will determine the cause of death.
But daily claiming to have access to the report said besides Demerol and Methadone, 50-year old Jackson had taken four more painkillers and anaesthetics plus anti-anxiety pills.
"This is sure to increase pressure on police to establish exactly how one man obtained so many prescription medications — and which doctors were responsible."
"There is increasing talk of manslaughter charges if it can be shown he was given drugs without proper regard for his safety," the daily said claiming to quote a source close to the case.
Police Chief William Bratton added he was waiting for the final toxicology reports to move further in the investigation.
"Based on those, we will have an idea what we are dealing with. Are we dealing with a homicide or are we dealing with accidental overdose?" he said.
"Michael Jackson was a walking drug store when he died — he never stood a chance," the daily added.
"The body can build up extreme tolerances to huge doses of drugs but eventually it overloads and just shuts down. That is what happened to Michael," it said.
In addition to these medicines, there were "therapeutic" levels of Fentanyl, another post-operation painkiller 100 times more potent than morphine, plus prescription painkiller Vicodin, anti-anxiety pills Valium and the sleeping drug Ambien.

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