Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Asthma sufferer fined $300 for ganja 'medicine'

SAN JUAN resident Lester Faustin was fined $300 yesterday for possession of 20 grammes of what he described as his "asthma medicine".

In this case, the "medicine" turned out to be the illegal drug marijuana.

Faustin who was arrested last Saturday after a warrant was executed at his girlfriend's Bourg Mulatrasse home, told Magistrate Andrew Stroude that he bought the "herbs" on the advice from an old lady named "Dolly", who prescribed the medication, minus the dosage.

Faustin added that "Dolly does sell bush", but quickly pointed out that it was not the kind of "bush" that he was arrested for.

"Since I start drinking the tea I breathing normal," said the 33-year-old shopkeeper.

He added that he was diagnosed with asthma since his birth but the problem got worse about four years ago when he "got a cut" on his chest.

Faustin was accompanied by his father who told Stroude that he tried speaking to his son about the illegal habit, without a favourable response.

Faustin said that he had trouble breathing at nights before he took the "medicine".

He told Stroude that the marijuana he was arrested for was "shake off", which was useless for smokers.

Faustin, who confessed to smoking marijuana in the past, added that he would "draw it and drink it in the morning".

Faustin then apologised for his actions and promised never to do it again, after which Stroude told him to "put aside his tea" and to seek medical attention for his bronchial problem before sentencing him.

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