Wednesday, November 4, 2009

H1N1 fears cause boom in natural medicine

New Brunswick's natural medicine industry is seeing a boost in popularity as people look for alternative ways to ward off the swine flu virus.

With more H1N1 vaccine clinics being cancelled and those clinics that are running facing queues that stretch for hours, people like Pam Temple are offering natural ways to stay healthy.

Temple, the owner of Healthy Start in Rothesay, said she has a steady stream of new customers coming through her doors. Almost all of those customers are looking for alternative ways to fight the swine flu.

"We have parents that are looking for immune boosters for their children that are under two years old up to senior citizens," Temple said.

"Everyone is concerned about getting their immunity built up."
Naturopath fielding more calls

Blossom Bitting, a naturopath in Dieppe, said she is swamped with calls about H1N1.

However, Bitting said she doesn't have all the answers people want to hear about natural ways to prevent the contraction of the H1N1 virus.

"Because the H1N1 virus is so new, we don't know of anything in the natural realm that is specific against it," Bitting said.

Bitting said there are many supplements that can help fight influenza generally, such as ginger tea, garlic, multivitamins and extra vitamin C.

Bitting said alternative medicines are best used in combination with conventional medicine to stay healthy this flu season.

"I think the combination is going to be stronger than one on its own," she said.

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